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Nuisance Armadillo Problems

The only species of armadillo that lives in the United States is the nine-banded armadillo. They are only present in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama. Their limited range is due to their delicate physicality. Their bodies are low in fat and are not optimal for water retention. This makes it necessary for them to avoid areas that experience extremely cold weather or an area that is particularly arid. They need to find climates that are mild throughout the year and maintain a certain level of humidity.

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Armadillo Overview

They are an animal that is nocturnal so that they can forage and eat in the cool of the night. They are insectivores and they eat things like fire ants, termites, grubs, and spiders. Armadillos do not have great eyesight, but they do have an acute sense of smell that aids them in locating the bugs they feed on. They will dig into the ground in order to find the food sources they need to survive.


They are not the type of nuisance animal that is going to make its way into someone’s home. They will do a great bit of damage to a yard or the landscaping throughout a property. As they are looking for food, they will dig holes all throughout a yard. This digging can also result in the digging up of plants and flowers throughout a property’s landscaping. A person may look out on their yard one day and realize that it is full of holes that are a few inches wide and a few inches deep. There is also a possibility of some physical damage to structures. This type of damage will be from their shells rubbing and scratching the surfaces around the home. This is not going to be extensive, but it can be one way to notice their presence, so Orlando armadillo removal services can definitely come in handy.


Armadillos are non-aggressive animals that are not going to pose a physical threat to people. There are many times when people don’t even realize they have an armadillo problem until they wake up one day and see all the holes scattered throughout their property. They are the only animal, aside from humans, that are able to carry Leprosy. It is rare that this happens but when they are handled by someone who is not trained to do so, the risk is there.

Removal and Control

These animals are best left to the professionals to get rid of. They are going to be educated in the ways of trapping them and relocating them so that they do not return to the property. Once this is done, a fence is going to be the most effective option for keeping them out. When the fence is put in, the homeowner should have the fence installed in such a way so that it is sunk into the ground, about 6 inches deep, to make sure that they are not going to dig their way back in.

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